About Romania

Romania is located in southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria to the south and Ukraine to the north. The country forms a complex geographic unit centered on the Transylvanian Basin, around which the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains and their associated sub ranges and structural platforms form a series of crescents.

Beyond this zone, lie the extensive plains of the south and east of the country, their potential for agriculture and wildlife increased by the Danube and its tributaries; they form a fertile outer crescent extending to the national frontiers.

There is great diversity in the topography, geology, climate, hydrology, flora, and fauna, and for millennia this natural environment has borne the imprint of a human population.

Since the late 19th century, in particular, Romania has undergone an economic and social transformation from an agricultural society to an urbanized, industrial society.

The Dobrogea Region

This largely dry region nestles between the River Danube, as it flows from south to north before forming the delta, and the lagoons and Black Sea to the east. The landscape is typically rolling steppe and agricultural country, dotted with…

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The Danube Delta

Europe’s last nature paradise” says Jan Hopman in his article from Grasduinen the most important nature magazine in Holland (April 2000).”Indeed, the Danube Delta’s reedbeds constitute the largest expanse in the world covering 2,700 square km”…

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The Carpathians & Transylvania

The Carpathian Mountains are the eastern wing of the great Central Mountain System of Europe, curving 1500 km (~900 miles) along the borders of Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro…

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